Baseball Trainers near me

    Elite Baseball Facility is located in Forney, Texas at 12348 FM2932 behind Planet Cheer. We have 5 full size cages inside our facility as well as an upstairs workout area where we host some speed and agility camps. Outside of our facility is an infield that teams can use. We are currently fixing up the field to make it top notch. We are also working on an outside bullpen and outdoor cage next to the facility that should be finished in the summer of 2018. The facility is open to all baseball and softball teams and individuals.


    Elite Baseball Facility host numerous camps throughout the year. The purpose of these camps is to teach multiple athletes proper form and techniques all at once. We keep the camps small so the athletes still get one on one teaching. We feel that is essential because no two  athletes are the same. In addition to teaching proper form and techniques, we also provide information on why we do certain drills and what they work on. It is important to us that athletes know why we are doing the things we work on.


    Lessons are a good way to improve any area in athletics. We offer one on one lessons at an affordable price. Our lessons cost $50 for a one hour session. In the lessons, we work through specific drills to improve any area that you need. Most of these drills can be done everyday and are necessary to improve your abilities. We recommend a session at least once a week if you are serious about improving yourself. We don’t want to waste your time and money, so we guarantee results as long as you put in the work that we ask of you. We give 100 percent to you and expect that you give 100 percent back.