Lessons are a good way to improve any area in athletics. We offer one on one lessons at an affordable price. Our lessons cost $40 for a one hour session. In the lessons, we work through specific drills to improve any area that you need. Most of these drills can be done everyday and are necessary to improve your abilities. We recommend a session at least once a week if you are serious about improving yourself. We don’t want to waste your time and money, so we guarantee results as long as you put in the work that we ask of you. We give 100 percent to you and expect that you give 100 percent back. Please like us on Facebook for any last minute opening for lessons.

Baseball Trainers near me

Hitting Lessons

   Hitting lessons focus on the mechanics of the movements using our proven methods in order to give players a better opportunity to be successful on the field.

Pitching Lessons

    Pitching lessons cover the proper forms and techniques to maximize velocity and accuracy. We work with individual athletes to improve all aspects in pitching. We give specific details about the kinetics behind pitching and where velocity and accuracy come from. We work through drills that build lower body strength and increase leg drive through the pitching motion. We guarantee results every time.

Speed and Agility

    Speed and agility is for anyone who wants to get faster and more mobile. This helps in any sport, so there’s no excuse for you not to schedule a lesson. We work through drills specifically designed to increase speed and agility and get athletes moving as well as improve their running form.

Strength and Conditioning

    Strength and conditioning lessons are designed to help athletes get in better shape. We work on building strength and endurance that every athlete needs to be successful. These are also good for ANYONE wanting to get in shape. So whether you are an athlete wanting to improve your athletic ability or a person just wanting to get in better shape, these lessons are for you.