Elite Baseball Facility host numerous camps throughout the year. The purpose of these camps is to teach multiple athletes proper form and techniques all at once. We keep the camps small so the athletes still get one on one teaching. We feel that is essential because no two  athletes are the same. In addition to teaching proper form and techniques, we also provide information on why we do certain drills and what they work on. It is important to us that athletes know why we are doing the things we work on.
    Some of the specific camps we host are below along with details about each camp. Prices of the camps vary. Please contact Christopher Salerno about specific details on camps and like us on Facebook to stay updated on any upcoming camps.

Baseball Camps

   Baseball camps cover the basic aspects of the game of baseball. We cover pitching, hitting, and fielding. We teach the proper forms and techniques using drills we have learned and experienced over the years. We trust these drills because they show results and athletes can do a lot of them from their own house.

Pitching Camps

    Pitching camps cover the proper forms and techniques to maximize velocity and accuracy. We give specific details about the kinetics behind pitching and where velocity and accuracy come from. We work through drills that build lower body strength and increase leg drive through the pitching motion. We guarantee results every time.

Speed and Agility Camps

    Speed and agility camps are for anyone who wants to get faster and more mobile. This helps in any sport, so there’s no excuse for you not to try one out. We work through drills specifically designed to increase speed and agility and get athletes moving as well as improve their running form.

Combine Training Camps

    Combine training camps provide a realistic look into preparing for collegiate and professional football combines. We focus on the various tests used by many programs, as well as the NFL, and we train players in order to be best prepared for the tryout of a lifetime.

Strength and Conditioning Camps

    Strength and conditioning camps are designed to help athletes get in better shape. We work on building strength and endurance that every athlete needs to be successful.