Baseball Trainers near me

    Elite Baseball Facility is located in Forney, Texas at 12348 FM2932 behind Planet Cheer. We have 5 full size cages inside our facility as well as an upstairs workout area where we host some speed and agility camps. Outside of our facility is an infield that teams can use. We are currently fixing up the field to make it top notch. We are also working on an outside bullpen and outdoor cage next to the facility that should be finished in the summer of 2018. The facility is open to all baseball and softball teams and individuals.
    The owner of Elite Baseball Facility is Christopher Salerno. He wanted to help athletes not only develop their athletic abilities, but also develop important life values and characteristics. This is the foundation of the facility. We are highly invested in our athletes. We want them to succeed in athletics as well as in life. We do everything we can to help this happen. To ensure athletes have the best chance for success, we teach proper form and techniques, along with development hard working skills and the ability to get back up and keep going after failure. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to improve themselves. Our services are open to anyone wanting to improve in their athletic ability or just get in shape. Our services are well affordable and we do our best to find times that best fits your schedule.
    In these many years of coaching and mentoring athletes in several sports, at every level, Christopher has come to the conclusion that there are no two people the same, and there is not one universal method for success. He uses evidence based training to build better athletes. Christopher wants each athlete to learn more than just the movements and drills, he wants them to understand the why, of doing these drills. He wants to combine Science with Sports. He has done thousands of hours of research in the Kinetics laboratory and uses the most effective methods for maximum success. Christopher doesn’t believe in fly by night movements or drills. He hates wasting time. He promises every athlete 100 percent and expects them to give him their 100 percent too.
Christopher Salerno has a background in a wide range of fields. Some of his official titles include:
  • Christopher L Salerno, MS, CSCS
  • Advanced Degree in Human Kinetics
  • Former Pitcher
  • Former Collegiate Strength Coach
  • Former NFL Strength Coach
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • USA Track and Field Level 1 Coach
  • USA Weightlifting Coach
  • ACSM Contributor
  • 90 MPH Certified Pitching
  • United States Sports Academy Certified Coach
  • National Institute of Health Credential for Conducting Experiments on Human Subjects
  • 20 plus years of coaching and mentoring experience in various fields of expertise